On this page you will find frequent updates related current happenings in our world, as well as resources for our Catholic Liturgical Calendar. If you have suggestions or comments please contact Laura Tapson. 



Pentecost Activities 

The Religion Teacher 

  • This site has an extensive list of activiities for grade 1 and up for Pentecost, as well as activiites about the Holy Spirit

Prayers and Activities for the Feast of Pentecost

  • Great, free, printable prayers and activities, however, you do need to submit your email to download, worth it

Pentecost Pin-less Pinwheel - symbols of Fire and wind 

  • On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit appeared as wind and fire (Tongues of Fire) This craft is meant to help remind children of those two symbol

Tounges of fire head peice 

  • fun, easy activity for kids

The Catholic Toolbox

  • An extensive list of activities, games, information and even snack ideas for Pentecost