On this page you will find frequent updates related current happenings in our world, as well as resources for our Catholic Liturgical Calendar. If you have suggestions or comments please contact Laura Tapson. 

Ordinary Time

General Info: The longest liturgical season in the year. Happens twice in a year. A time when the people of the Church meditate upon the whole mystery of Christ- his life, miracles and teachings – in the light of his Resurrection

Colour: Green (the colour of growth and hope)

Some Symbols that can be placed on your prayer table during Ordinary time: 

The Chi-Rho is consists of the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ. The fusion of these two letters into an abbreviation became a symbol for Christ. 

Picture of footsteps, this is to symbolize how the season of Ordinary time is an open invitation to walk with the Lord

Green is a symbol of hope and life. Having a living green plant symbolizes this. It reminds us that God's love, like the life flowing through this plant, is faithful.

A picture or map marking the ministry of Jesus. Ordinary time is a time where we follow Jesus through his ministry. Throughout this season we listen as the Gospels unfold for us the life and preaching of Jesus

Pictures of the miracles of Jesus, such as the Wedding Feast at Cana, that are explored during the season of Ordinary time would also be great additions to the prayer table. 


Ordinary Time Quick Activities

  • Contains multiple activities to be done on each day of the week. Each day having a different topic. 

Kids Weekly Bulliten (Ideal for grade 1-4)

  • Easy to printout, great way to review the message of the gospel each sunday. Would make an idea anchor activity. 

Over the Top... with Ordinary Time Family Activities

  • Information about Ordinary Time + activities for students and families