Michele Allen Appointed District Principal of St. Patrick Catholic School

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We are pleased to announce that Michele Allen will become the new District Principal of St. Patrick Catholic School for Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools.

Michele began working with our District in 2013 where she taught Grade 3 at St. Thomas More Catholic School in Fairview. Following this teaching experience, she was appointed Co-Principal with Paulette Goodall, while maintaining teaching in a Grade 1 then a Grade 3 classroom.

Michele obtained her Bachelors of Education from the University of Alberta in 1989. After graduation, she has had teaching experiences across Alberta and throughout the elementary grades. Beginning in Spirit River, she gained her first years of development, before moving to the Catholic Schools Diocese of Prince George in 1992. By 1995, Michelle returned to northern Alberta to work for the Peace Wapiti School Division, and then returned to Catholic education for the Calgary Catholic School District in 2007.

In her career, Michele has had an eclectic variety of teaching experiences. She has taught Grade 1 through 6, as well as options courses for both junior and senior high. Michele has taught both single and combined classes and has acted as a special education teacher.

Michele embodies excellence in education, as seen by receiving the Edwin Parr Teaching Award in her first year of teaching. She seeks to improve and enhance the education society and cultivate better learning for her students as a member of the Alberta Teachers Association and DestiNation ImagiNation. She shows her passion for lifelong learning as an active member of the Leadership Academy.

To Michele Allen, education starts in the classroom and expands to various parts of the school and community. Seeking the best for all students, she collaborates with the High School Redesign team, leads the Art and Lego Clubs at St. Thomas More School, and volunteers to serve the Tutoring for Tuition program. In the community, Michele has taken on the role of Eucharistic Minister for her church and has helped the community in her work for the Habitat home in Fairview, serving food at “In From the Cold” in Calgary and shaving her own hair for Cancer.

On her goals as an educator, Michele states, “I am eager to build upon my knowledge, as an education and administrator, to foster a school community built on faith, love, and learning.”

“With Michele’s background and demonstrated passion for education, we are very pleased to have her lead St. Patrick Catholic School,” stated Superintendent Karl Germann.

Michele will be beginning her position as District Principal of St. Patrick Catholic School for Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools starting in August 2017.