Christie Watson Appointed Assistant District Principal of St. Joseph Catholic High School

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I am pleased to announce that Christie Watson will become the new Assistant District Principal of St. Joseph Catholic High School for Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools.

Following the completion of her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 2006, Christie joined our District initially teaching Grade 3 to 5 at St. Clement Catholic School. After three years at St. Clement School, she was appointed as a Literacy Coach and moved on to teach for two years at St. Kateri Catholic School, followed by three years at Mother Teresa Catholic School. In 2014, Christie was selected to be a part of the School Improvement Team to offer support to students and staff through coaching, mentoring, and modeling. Initially working as the District Differentiation Lead, she assumed her more current role as District Literacy Lead and Instructional Coach. Christie has recently received her Master of Education in Literacy for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Christie’s top priority is the success of every student, a goal which has guided her student-centred teaching philosophy. Believing that students can perform well if they are motivated and confident in their abilities, Christie works to encourage confidence in her students so that they are willing to take risks, learn the value in mistakes, and continue to persist in every discipline in their lives.

Dedicated to providing enriching experiences for students, Christie is active in various school-based initiatives. She has been a member of the High School Redesign Committee, Parent Councils, Special Education Council, and International Literacy Association over the course of her career. For Literacy Week, Christie organized in school and at home activities, and started book swaps within our schools to encourage students’ love of reading. For the past two years, she has also been a part of the District’s Leadership Academy to further develop her knowledge and practice as an educator.

“I believe in creating an environment in which all students are engaged and motivated to learn,” said Christie when asked of her appointment. “Students are unique in the way they learn and how they demonstrate their learning. Differentiated instruction provides students with multiple ways to show their learning, so every student can be successful and challenged. I am excited for this new opportunity.”

“Christie is a passionate and motivated leader and we look forward to continue working with her in the year ahead,” stated Superintendent Karl Germann.

Christie will begin her new position at St. Joseph Catholic High School in August 2017.