Sabrina Fentie Appointed District Principal of St. Thomas More Catholic School

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I am pleased to announce that Sabrina Fentie will become the new District Principal of St. Thomas More Catholic School for Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools.

Sabrina is a longstanding member of our District’s community, having attended St. Thomas More and Holy Cross Catholic School before graduating from St. Joseph Catholic High School in 2005. In 2010, she graduated from Grande Prairie Regional College through the TEN program with a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education with Distinction. Sabrina returned to St. Thomas More as a Grade 5 teacher in August of the same year, now having filled that role for seven years.

Sabrina has demonstrated an exceptional ability in leading students and her fellow staff. She has taken an active role in student athletics, leading the Senior High Girls Volleyball Team as Coach, as well as being the staff liaison for the Senior and Junior High Girls Volleyball, Grade 5/6 Mini Basketball Team, and Grade 4-6 Floor Hockey Team. Under Sabrina’s lead, the Senior High Girls Volleyball Team attended Provincials in 2011, and students on the Grade 5/6 Mini Basketball Team all received Sportsmanship Awards over the past two years.

Sabrina is motivated by her belief in her students’ capability to change the world and her faith which guides her to “connect with something bigger.” Always willing to lend a helping hand and make a difference, Sabrina has organized St. Thomas More’s Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart, Spell-A-Thon, Declamation, and she has helped raise funds for Crossroads during the Grade 5-6 Read-A-Thon. She has also organized Peacemakers, a program that teaches Grade 5 and 6 students about conflict resolution and how to help their younger peers, and she helped form the Grandbuddies program in partnership with Long Term Care Recreation Therapist, Kerry Appleton. For the 2016-2017 school year, Sabrina helped organize the first Junior ATB program at St. Thomas More.

“I am eager to begin a new adventure alongside a knowledgeable and caring staff, where students, their parents and community members strive to share their faith and passion for education, and a school district that provides continuous support and encouragement,” said Sabrina regarding her appointment. “I've always been drawn to St. Thomas More, as it is a place to show compassion and to connect as a family.”

“Sabrina is an excellent teacher with a deep love for her students and her community. She brings both an academic and personal perspective to the school community,” said Superintendent Karl Germann.

Sabrina will begin her new position in August 2017.

St. Thomas More Staffing Changes for 2017-2018

A couple new faces, and a couple familiar ones, will be joining or starting new roles at St. Thomas More Catholic School.

Dave MacPherson will be the Physical Education teacher at the school. Dave returns to teaching after a few years working as a manager in the local Oil and Gas industry. Specializing in Physical Education, Dave is passionate about the physical development of students and is an accomplished coach and hockey referee.

Amanda-Jane Barrett comes to us from her most recent teaching assignment in the UK where she led a Grade 2/3 classroom. She began her teaching career as an elementary teacher in Ontario and is a strong believer in differentiated instruction and collaborative teaching in order to meet the needs of all students. Amanda-Jane will fill the role of Grade 3 temporary teacher.

Vanessa Jones, who has been teaching Grade 3 at St. Thomas More, will now be assigned to Grade 2 for 2017-2018.

Lori Fox returns to St. Thomas More as a Grade 4 teacher after having spent a number of years as an Educational Assistant. Lori is a strong advocate for all students and brings a great passion for learning.