St. Patrick Modernization & Remediation Update, Nov 01 2017

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St. Patrick Modernization & Remediation Update, Nov 01 2017

After three months of work, remediation is almost complete at St. Patrick. A significant portion of the floor was removed and is now exposed to the earth, rendering the space unusable for a period of time. To ensure the facility is kept in proper condition, the gymnasium and three classrooms will temporarily be heated. The work undertaken was significant and renders the facility unusable for a period of time, until a major modernization is completed. Remediation costs over $500,000, and it would not be easy to remediate a school while students and staff were in the building. “We appreciate the Board’s willingness to make sure students and staff are safe, resulting in their move to Holy Cross,” stated Superintendent Karl Germann.

We are pleased to announce that BR2 Architects from Edmonton were the successful applicants that were chosen to modernize the school through a competitive process. BR2 Architects have assisted with the design and construction of St. Mary’s in Sexsmith for the District. The modernization is significant and is expected to cost $10,000,000. Student and staff will return to a facility with modernized classrooms, a larger Gymnasium and Foods Lab, Options lab, and various flexible learning spaces. There will also be spaces for Student Services including Mental Health, Catholic Family Services, Health, and Peace Collaborative Services.

All Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 7 students will stay at Holy Cross Catholic School, with free bussing to and from the St. Patrick attendance Boundary. Student in Grade 8 students will be enrolled at Mother Teresa Catholic School, and will also be eligible for free bussing.

Once the modernization is complete, the school will reopen no later than August 2020.