BIll 24 & Inclusive Communities: Providing Safe & Caring Learning Environments

A Message for All
On April 1, 2018, amendments to Section 45.1 of the School Act came into force, requiring all publicly funded school authorities to establish a Welcoming, Caring, & Respectful Policy. Our schools' foundational purpose is to foster an inclusive culture and community where everyone is loved and cared for by God. Both Board Policy & Administrative Procedures support and guide our students and staff to be in a community that provides all with a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe school environment.  Recently our Policies and Procedures were updated to we continue to support all students and staff. Bill 24: An Act to Support Gay Straight Alliances required minor changes to our Policy and Procedures so we met the government's legislative and regulatory expectations.
Bill 24 identifies the minimum legislated requirements under Section 45.1 (including Section 16.1) of the School Act.  That document is available online at  
Policy 21: Inclusive Communities: Providing Safe & Caring Learning Environments
was passed by the Board in early Spring 2018 and revised in Spring 2018 again. It guides our work and is supported by Policy 1: Mission, Vision & Core Calue Statements.
Our Administrative Procedures, specifically AP #330: Student Code of Conduct and AP#337 Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments  ensures that our work in Catholic schools meets both legislative & organizational requirements, and reflects our Catholic Values. They were updated numerous times prior to the June 30 deadline.

If you need additional information please feel free to contact myself or your school principal.
Yours in Catholic Education,

Karl Germann, Superintendent of Schools
Grande Prairie & District Catholic Schools