Board of Trustees Motion re: St. Mary's High School



Read Article here: Board Motion


Dear Parents/Guardians:

On Monday night, the GPCSD Board of Trustees passed a motion to review the viability of St. Mary’s High School.  The board wants to ensure all students have the best opportunities available.  Please see the detailed letter from Superintendent Karl Germann, outlying the process of the review. There will be a public consultation on March 19, 2019 and all St. Mary's Staff and Parents are encourage to attend.  There have been no decisions made as of yet and this is just the initial review.  As you read the letter and develop questions, I encourage you to bring those questions to the consultation, contact the School Board, or call Darren Redl or myself.  As always, our door is open for conversation.

God Bless,

Julia Corcoran

Principal, St. Mary's Catholic School